Good police work


Just a few days after the murder of a farm worker at Elderslie in our neighbourhood the police have made two arrests.

The first man accused of the murder appeared in court on Friday, a second was arrested at the weekend and is due to appear in court today.

A murder so close to home has opened our eyes to a dark side of our district of which we were unaware.

It is reassuring to know that this criminal element is countered by good police work.

Murder shows dark side of neighbourhood


The grapevine was right – the death of a 35 year-old man in our neighbourhood was a murder.

A homicide inquiry involving about 40 police and support staff has been launched in to the death of a 35-year-old Elderslie dairy farm worker after his body was discovered in his house early yesterday morning.

Emergency services were called to an address in Pine Hill Road in rural Elderslie, about 10km inland from Oamaru, at 4.30am yesterday where Justin Conrad McFarlane was found dead by a fellow dairy worker who had called at the address after he was concerned that Mr McFarlane had not turned up for work.

Police would not comment on the exact circumstances of his death, other than to say it appeared it had been violent.  . .

The grapevine has a theory about the motive and also names a suspect.

If the theory is correct it has shown us a dark side of our neighbourhood to which we were oblivious.


Tuesday’s answers


Gravedodger got three out of five in yesterday’s quiz.

The answer’s are:

1. What’s the name of the mother of Dog’s pups in Footrot Flats?


2. Who wrote Backblocks Baby Doctor?

Doris Gordon, one of the first women doctors in New Zealand.

3. Where was Phar Lap born?

At Seadown, near Timaru. His sire Night Raid, stood at Elderslie near Enfield in North Otago and his dam Entreaty was brought down for the mating in 1925 according to the book From Teaneraki to Enfield by Lindsay Malcolm where I found this photo.


Night Raid is in the stall, Entreaty is the horse on the right; the horse on the left and the foal were full siblings of Phar Lap.

4. Who said, “No-one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions. He had money as well.”?

Margaret Thatcher – The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations says it was in a television interview on January 6, 1986 and in The Times  six days later.

5. The Corriedale was the result of crossing which breeds of sheep?

Lincoln & Merino. James Little came from Scotland to Corriedale in North Otago where he started cross breeding merinos and continued experimenting until he developed the breed after moving to North Canterbury.

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