Happy Roast Day


Today is the fifth annual Selaks’ Roast Day.

You will find some delicious recipes for beef and lamb, roasted and cooked other ways at Beef + Lamb NZ.

The roast below comes not from my kitchen but that of El Jardin del Califa in Vejer de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain.

It was stuffed with figs, apricots and prunes and served with aubergine stuffed with almonds. It was delicious.

More sheep in Spain are farmed for milk rather than meat.

To preserve feed for the milk-producing ewes,  most lambs are sent to slaughter at weaning.

At that stage they weigh only about 10kgs and we’d call them beta lambs. They’re much younger and lighter than in New Zealand where they’re weaned onto grass until they reach a weight of 18 – 20 kgs.

El Jardin del Califa


La Casa del Califa  is one of Vejer de la Frontera’s gems.


The hotel is made up of a collection of houses dating from the 1oth century to 17th centuries.

califa 4

It also has a wonderful restaurant, El Jardin del Califa, which serves delicious Moroccan food.

califa 2

califa 3

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