The sign at the entrance to the town usually says Dunsandel but last time I drove through someone had changed the D to a F.

There wasn’t much fun about Dunsandel a few years ago, it was just another of the blink-and-you-miss-it towns on the journey to and from Christchurch.

Then the Dunsandel Store had a rebirth, selling delicious, fresh food and some of the best value for money ice creams on State Highway 1.

We often stop there and I’ve yet to be disappointed in the quality of the food.

But I do have one question – who put the door handle on and why did s/he put it so low?

Ice cream war


Adolf from No Minister left this comment on the post before this one:

There’s an ice cream joint in the village of Pokeno, just south of auckland, which serves the biggesterest ice creams in the world.

Wars have started with less provocative statements than that so I felt the defence of southern ice creameries warranted a post of its own.

The biggest ice creams in New Zealand used to be served by the Itchen Street dairy in Oamaru but they have now been overtaken by those served by the lovely people at the Hilltop store in Hampden.

Second place goes to the Dunsandel Store in Canterbury – a compulsory first stop after leaving Christchurch airport on our way home from overseas.

If we’re going international – the biggest, and best,  are served in Pergamino, Argentina, where you pay by the gram.

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