We’re all responsible for water quality


The Green party is blaming intensified dairying for a deterioration in water quality noted in the release of the Ministry of Health’s annual drinking water survey.

But Federated Farmers chief executive Conor English says the rural sector is only partly to blame for the drop in quality.

“The farming community accepts that farming has an impact on the environment, we take that very seriously, and we’ve invested enormous amounts of money in mitigating whatever our impacts are, but we want an open and honest discussion about water quality.”

Mr English said water quality was something urban dwellers should take equal responsibility for.

“Every New Zealander needs to take responsibility for their environmental impact. It doesn’t matter where you live. . .

He said it was unfair to lay the blame on farmers every time beaches and rivers are closed in cities.

“There are no cows living in Wellington, there are no cows living in Auckland.” . . .

Saying you’re contributing to problems too won’t solve them.

But English is right.

We’re all responsible for water quality.

Some FAQs and a link to the full report are here

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