Tuesday’s answers


Monday’s questions were:

1. Where is the brisket in cattle?

2. What is  timocracy?

3. Who said: “They meant abnormal. Divisions of the kind were fashionable at that time, and it was so easy to stifle one’s need to help by deciding that help could neither be accepted nor understood.”

4 What are the Roman numberals for  50, 100, 500 and 1000?

5.  Who was the original Dr Who?

Bearhunter wins the  electronic bouquet with a perfect score.

Andrie got four right.

David got one and a bonus for not ignoring the quiz when he didn’t know most of the answers.

Gravedodger got three.

PDM got two.

Paul got three and a bonus for music and humour.

Adam got one (and I thought you were a Dr Who fan).

Tuesday’s answers follow the break.

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Dr Who


Dr Who was first broadcast, on this day in 1963.

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