Why do my dove trees die?


My mother told us she’d like her ashes put under a dove tree when she died and gave me some money to buy one . I planted it, as she requested, in a paddock with a view but it died.

A tree expect said it might have been because it had been too exposed so I bought another one and planted it in a sheltered spot in the garden. My father died shortly afterwards and we put his ashes round it but by the time Mum died nearly two years later that tree too had died.

The funeral director said that wasn’t unusualy but he didn’t know if that was because of the ashes or just coincidence. In case it was the former, when I I bought another tree, this time not a baby but a teenager, and planted it in a different place and for five years it grew happily, but now it’s died too.


I’m planning to buy another, but before I do, I’d like to know why they die and what I can do to ensure the next one survives.

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