Is NZ cream double anyway?


Medusa left a comment yesterday asking why we can’t get double cream.

I’ve seen it in recipes and overseas supermarkets but have never come across it here.

So what makes cream double?

Wikipedia says it’s all to do with fat content. Double cream in the UK has a minimum of 48% milk fat; in the USA it’s 38 – 40% and in Australia 48 – 60%.

New Zealand cows are bred to produce milk with a high fat content because most of our milk goes for export butter, cheese and milk powder rather than fresh milk for local consumption.

Dairy farmers are paid per kilo of milk solids (which used to be called milk fat) rather than per litre of milk as happens in most other countries.

I’m wondering if that means all the cream in our supermarkets has at least a 48% milk fat unless it says it’s light.

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