366 days of gratitude


Our first stop on our first visit to Spain was in Toledo in La Mancha, close to which Don Quijote (or Quixote) and his squire Sancho Panza travelled.

I’d studied the book by Miguel de Cervantes and couldn’t resist buying small models of the gentleman and the peasant.

They sit on a shelf overlooking my desk, reminding me of the power of imagination, commitment and joy; and of what can be achieved with courage, passion, discipline.

I’m grateful for all of that and the inspiration to dream impossible dreams.

Mil y una lenguas dicen “te quiero”


When ever we travel to another country I try to learn a few basic words of their language.

Nothing too taxing, just hello, please, thank you and other little words which show I’m trying to be polite.

I love you, while a very important expression, isn’t one most travellers usually have a need for.

But should you do so, Don Quijote is compiling a list – mil y una lenguas dicen “te quiero” – 1001 languages say “I love you”.

They’re up to 52 and it’s the place to go if you want to learn how to say I love you in any language from Arabic – Ana Bekhekbak (for him) and Ana Bekhekbik (for her) via  Swahili – Ninakupenda – to Vietnamese Anh yêu em (for her) / Em yêu anh (for him).

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