Saved from fire by timely visit


Fire fighters and electricians keep warning us not to leave appliances running when we leave home and I’m usually very careful about following that advice.

In spite of that we came home after a weekend away a couple of weeks ago to find the dishwasher making strange noises and a light flashing on it.

I turned it off and called an electrician.

He still hadn’t turned up when I left home last Thursday and my farmer turned the dishwasher on again. It made strange noises and the light flashed so he turned it off again.

He left home on Friday and our daughter came home the next day to find the dishwasher on, making strange noises, the light flashing and a very hot smell. She turned it off at the wall and unplugged it.

The electrician turned up on Monday, diagnosed reasonably serious malfunctions and said it was lucky one of the problems was the pump. That had meant there was water round the hot bits and our daughter had turned up before it evaporated.

Had she not made this timely visit we’d probably have come home to charred remains.

As it is we’ve had a lucky escape and a reminder to follow the advice not to leave appliances running when you leave home.

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