Do it for Denmark


Denmark, like much of the developed world, is facing a population problem – not enough babies.

Spies travel agent has come up with a marketing campaign do it for Denmark, do it for Mum:

Relatively better isn’t the same as good


New Zealand tops Transparency International’s 2009 corruption perception index.

The others in the top 10 are: Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands and Australia, Canada and Iceland which are 8th equal.

The countries at the bottom are: Chad, Iraq, Sudan, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Corruption is a form of oppression and this map shows how widespread it is:

While it’s good to be relatively good, what really matters is not how good we are perceived to be relative to anyone else but how good we are fullstop.

A score of 9.4 does mean we’re perceived to be pretty good.

That makes it more likely that other countries and other people will trust us and our institutions.

But we need to be vigilant to ensure that reality matches the perception.

Hat tip: Poneke.

Drunken sex no advertisement for Denmark


Ever wondered what happens to the kids who don’t understand what’s acceptable among mates might not be in other contexts?

At least one of them grew up and went into advertising in Denmark where s/he came up with the idea for an advertisement to attract tourists.

Picture if you will, the scene as s/he pitches the idea:

“Um, well we could like, y’ know ah do a video with a blonde chick and a baby. And like y’know she could tell how she met this bloke in a pub and he’d be a like tourist and she’d be a like y’know local and y’know they like had sex and he like did a runner and then she like, well, found out she was pregnant and like y’know had a baby and she can’t remember the father’s name or where he came from and now she’s like trying to find him”

That doesn’ say come to Denmark for the scenery or the culture to me, but the client, VisitDenmark, bought the idea, filmed it and posted it on YouTube.

The Danes who saw it were furious that people were being tempted to tour their country by the story of a one-night stand and the clip was withdrawn from YouTube. But it was too late because, as these things do, it had been copied several times.

Hat Tip: ODT

NZ tops Global Peace Index


 New Zealand has topped the  Institute for Economics and Peace’s Global Peace Index .

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The Institute is an Australian think tank dedicated to developing the inter-relationships between business, peace and economic development.
The results of the 2009 survey  suggest:
that the world has become slightly less peaceful in the past year, which appears to reflect the intensification of violent conflict in some countries and the effects of both the rapidly rising food and fuel prices early in 2008 and the dramatic global economic downturn in the final quarter of the year. Rapidly rising unemployment, pay freezes and falls in the value of house prices, savings and pensions is causing popular resentment in many countries, with political repercussions that have been registered by the GPI through various indicators measuring safety and security in society.
The GPI uses 23 indicators  of the existence or absence of peace, divided into three broad categories:  measures of ongoing domestic and international conflict, measures of safety and security in society and measures of militarization.
The Top 10 countries were: New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Finland and Slovenia.
At the bottom were: Georgia, Zimbabwe, Russia, Pakistan, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Israel, Somalia, Afghaanistan and Iraq.
The full list is here.

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