Clothes suit size designed for


A fashion designer says clothes look better on skinny people:

The head of one of New Zealand’s biggest fashion brands has defended the use of skinny models saying “clothes look better on skinny people”.

The comments, from WORLD co-founder and chief executive Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, follow public outrage over the use of mannequins with visible ribs in high street fashion chain Glassons.

Speaking to TV One’s Breakfast programme today, L’Estrange-Corbet said thin models in the fashion industry was “nothing new” and would be unlikely to change in the future.

“Let’s face it, clothes look better on skinny people,” she told the show this morning.

There were more concerning things impacting young people today, she said.

“I see Miley Cyrus openly smoking dope as a much bigger issue than skinny mannequins.” . ..

Drug abuse is an important issue but so too are body image and the eating disorders which often go with it.

Clothes designed for skinny people look better on skinny people but well designed clothes will look good on the size and shapes for which they’re designed.

Many models and mannequins are unhealthily and unrealistically thin and the clothes which look good on them don’t suit the average woman let alone the bigger than average.

L’Estrange-Corbet’s comments confirm my view that the fashion industry is largely driven not by what suits customers but what suits the designers.

Kiwi legend


This mockumentary premiered at Tropfest NZ, the New Zealand contingent of the largest short film festival and wont he won the Viewer’s Choice Award.

It was produced by Tess Novak and features a star studded cast of Kiwi legends – Melanie Lynskey, Valerie Adams, Colin Meads, Dai Henwood, Steve Wrigley, Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, Beauden Barrett and Kane Barrett.

Party (conference) central


Well, here we are at Party C0nference Central in central Auckland, the city whose new motto is, the decision’s maybe and that’s final.

Candidates College met yesterday morning – and if that’s the face of National’s future, the outlook for the parliamentary wing of the party is bright.

Pre-conference entertainment last night was a debate with the moot that women MPs deserve more.

The affirmative team, Nikki Kaye, Denise  L’Estrange Corbet and Amy Adams argued that women MPs deserve more and that men MPs already had more than enough.

The negative team, Maurice Williamson, Robbie Rakete and Todd McLay argued that women already had too much.

The judge, David Farrar, had been bribed with champagne and chocolate and declared the women’s team the winners.

He declared Maurice best speaker. With lines like, why is there only one Monopolies Commission? he deserved it.

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