Censured but not responsible


Auckland mayor Len Brown has been censured by his council.

The Auckland Council has agreed 15-5 to censure mayor Len Brown.

Those opposed were councillors Brewer, Cooper, Krum, Quax and Stewart. 

Mr Brown has been asked back into the meeting to respond.

He says he accepts the resolution.

The council wants him to repay the costs incurred.

The council had been debating the following motion: a “request that the mayor make full reimbursement of all remaining personal costs and also make an appropriate contribution to other costs incurred by the council.”

Councillor Cameron Brewer asked for legal costs to be added. . .

The Taxpayers’ Union responded:

If Len Brown won’t pay back the money ratepayers have been forced to fork out, councillors should explore legal channels to recover the money,” saysTaxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams.  . .

“Though there is no legal punishment for Brown’s breaches of the Council’s code of conduct, instead of being upfront, the Council needed an independent review of the Mayor’s behaviour to get to the truth. The Council should take all steps to recover the costs to ratepayers.”

“If Mr Brown wants to be responsible for all of Auckland, the least he can do is be responsible for his own behaviour.”

It’s so much easier being responsible for a city spending other people’s money than one’s own behaviour which requires spending one’s own money.

Councillors to move no-confidence in Brown


Five Auckland councillors have plan to put forward a motion of no-confidence in mayor Len Brown at a council meeting tomorrow.

Howick representatives Dick Quax and Sharon Stewart, Maungakiekie-Tamaki representative Denise Krum, Orakei representative Cameron Brewer and Waitakere representative Linda Cooper have initiated the motion.

The question which will be put forward and voted on is:

“That the Governing Body notes that Len Brown lacks the essential leadership credentials of judgement, honesty, integrity, and credibility and as a result councillors have lost confidence in his ability to carry out his duties as Mayor of Auckland.” . . .

This is a serious step reflecting the seriousness with which at least some of the council view the mayor’s behaviour and shows they understand that judgement, honesty, integrity, and credibility matter.

Tamaki shortlist


The National Party has announced the names of the five people on the shortlist for the Tamaki electorate candidate selection.

The five hoping to succeed retiring MP Allan Peachey are: Denise Krum, Toni Millar, Simon O’Connor, Seby Reeves and Mark Thomas.

Selection will take place next Wednesday, October 26.

Disunited & futureless


Kiwiblog’s spies report that United Future president Denise Krum has resigned from the party  and joined National.

The vanity vehicle for Peter Dunne has had many manifestations with different parties and names but like a spider it swallowed those who mated with it.

And what has it achieved? That waste of taxpayers money the Families Commission and an extension to daylight saving so the clocks change too early and go back too late (noticed that it’s still dark at 6am?).

I have no grounds to criticise Dunne as Revenue Minister but nor have I anything to praise him for or to make me think that an MP from National or one of the other government coalition partners’ parties couldn’t be at least as effective if not more in that role.

His majority in the last election was far less than the combined Labour and Green candidate vote so had half those who voted for the Greens in the electorate held their noses and given their electorate vote to Labour, he’d have lost his seat.

The sensible thing to do would be to retire at the next election or face the very real possibility of being retired by the voters.

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