Talking of obfuscation


Quote of the day:

Denis O’Rourke: Did John Banks tell the Prime Minister that obfuscation is just another word for bull – – – com?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY: No, but maybe that member should go out and watch the footage of Winston Peters holding up a “No” sign, telling the New Zealand public for 6 months that he did not know anything about Owen Glenn. Maybe he should go and look at Winston Peters dealing with the media for 24-plus years, and he will get a great example of what obfuscation is. It is when you do not answer any question, no matter how directly it is asked of you, and no matter how much you need to bend the truth.

Maiden speeches


New Zealand First MPs Richard Prosser, Andrew Williams,  Tracey Martin, Asenati Lole-Taylor and Denis O’Rourke made their maiden speeches today.

Prosser’s is here, Williams’ here, Martin’s here Taylor’s here and O’Rourke’s here.

I don’t share their philosophy but I was interested in their stories.

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