Let’s keep positive


Oracle Team USA has won the America’s Cup.

The final score was 9-8 – though they won two more races before they got on the scoreboard.

But let’s not go into national mourning.

Emirates Team New Zealand sailed well, with a New Zealand crew, New Zealand boat design, New Zealand technology and New Zealand expertise.

Oracle Team New Zealand sailed better, with an international crew which included New Zealanders, New Zealand boat design, New Zealand expertise.

They also had a New Zealand manager – Russell Coutts – who hasn’t lost an America’s Cup.

They also had more money and the lack of challengers showed that was a significant factor.

This was an amazing spectacle and one of the great sporting comebacks.

But it was only sport.

So let’s keep positive, congratulate the victors, thank Dean Barker and the team for the effort they put in and the entertainment they provided us, get on with our lives and smile – it’s contagious.

Not too little, not too much


Too much wind has stopped America’s Cup races several times but too little wind was the problem at the weekend.

On Saturday Emirate’s Team New Zealand’s win was ruled ineligible because it took too long and yesterday’s races were cancelled because there wasn’t enough wind.

So here we are again – Emirates Team NZ 8 – Oracle 3.

We’re all still leaning and wishing and hoping for not too much, not too little, but enough wind for a good race and a better win for Dean Barker and his team.

His place and her place


An email arrived inviting me to complete an on-line survey.

I accepted and found nothing startling until I got near the end. 

There the options given for the respondent’s occupation included: Businessman/Business owner and Female – Housework.

In the 21st century you’d think people who compose surveys might know that female isn’t an occupation it’s a gender; and that a woman’s place could be in business and a man’s at home.

Surveys aren’t the only place with very old fashioned views. The Herald on Sunday announces a birth:

It was once, twice, three times a baby girl for Dean and Mandy Barker.

But at the fourth time of trying, Auckland’s glamour couple have produced a young son and male heir to the Barker family dynasty.

There are no quotes from the Barkers. It’s just the reporter’s gross assumption that the couple were “trying” for a son and in spite of modern laws of inheritance he, rather than his sisters, will eventually lead the family business.

America’s Cup is America’s cup again


The USA regained the America’s Cup for the first time since 1995 when BMW Oracle beat the Swiss yacht Alinghi this morning.

It’s the third fourth * win New Zealander Russell Coutts has been associated with.

He skippered New Zealand yachts to two wins and is now CEO of the Oracle team.

Coutts could have skippered a record three wins but in a gesture of sportsmanship handed the helm to Dean Barker for the final race. He was praised for that but then received a lot of criticism when he left New Zealand to sail for foreign teams.

I didn’t blame him for doing that. He’s a professional yachty, he’d done his best for New Zealand and had the right to earn more money elsewhere when he had the opportunity to do so.

* Ian left a comment pointing out Coutts also won with Alinghi.

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