September 8 in history

September 8, 2009

On September 8:

1504 Michelangelo’s David was unveiled in Florence.

1840 Czech composer Antonín Leopold Dvořák was born.


1886 English poet Siegfried Sassoon was born.

1921 Welsh comedian Harry Secombe was born.

1925 English actor Peter Sellers was born.

1930 3M began marketing Scotch tape.

1932 USA singer Patsy Cline was born.

1943 Italy’s unconditional armistice with the Allies was announced.

1954 The South East Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO) was formed.

Flag of Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

1954 New Zealand signed the Manila Pact.

1966 Star Trek premiered on NBC.

The 2006 Star Trek 40th Anniversary franchise logo, featuring Captain Kirk (William Shatner) (left) and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

1991 The republic of Macedonia became independent.


Sourced from BBC On This Day, NZ History Online, Wikipedia.

David returns to Italy

March 1, 2009

 It’s St David’s Day and the patron saint of Wales  is not nearly as well known as the other David, immortalised by Michelangelo.


 The statue normally stands in Florence, but it’s been on loan to the USA.

Travel arrangements and security for such a valuable work of art were expensive so the visit required sponsors which is how several fast food companies got involved .

The art community wasn’t enthusiastic about mixing art with fast food and you can see why:



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