The Wahine disaster


It’s 42 years since New Zealand’s worst maritime disaster – the sinking of the Wahine with the loss of 52 lives plus another who died later as a result of injuries.

When I was learning to scuba dive a decade later the instructor emphasised the importance of gripping our buoyancy vests by the neck and pulling them down as we jumped into the water. He ensured we remembered by telling us that some of the Wahine passengers had died of broken necks caused by the force of life jackets lifting when they hit the water.

The human story behind the numbers is portrayed realistialcly and sensitively in David Hill’s novel No Safe Harbour.

PM of NZ posts on Cyclone Giselle which caused the storm which sank the ferry, caused other deaths and widespread damage.

Keeping Stock posts Lest We Forget.

See Ya Simon


 David Hill has a gift for creating believable characters and writing about sad or difficult situations in a matter of fact way.

See Ya, Simon is the story of a teenager with muscular told by one of his friends. It is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but never mawkish, sensitive but not sentimental. It’s not a conventional happily-ever-after story, but it isn’t depressing either.

It is one of the books I re-read at least once a year and each time I read it I get more from it.

You can read more about Hill here.

 dairy 10003

Post 4 in the post a day for New Zealand Book Month challenge.

Deborah who has also accepted the challenge at In A Strange Land has posted on Sea Secrets by Dawn McMillan, Illustrated by Julia Crouth.

Tuesday’s answers


Monday’s questions were:

1. What is the morse code  for SOS?

2. What the the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell named?

3. Who said: “In my view the welfare state was not conceived for the middle class and yet it is increasingly captured by them.”?

4. Who wrote See Ya Simon?

5.  Where is this World Heritage site, which is , from memory but open to correction,  the southernmost  northern most date palm grove in the World?


At time of writing (9am) no-one has got all five answers but that’s because 3 was hard and I got my directions mixed up with 5 – it’s northern most not southern.

I offer an electronic posey to all who tried by way of apology.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break:

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