Shell to drill Great South Basin


Shell plans to drill for gas and oil in the Great South Basin off the coast of Dunedin.

Great South Basin joint-venture parties Shell New Zealand, OMV New Zealand and Mitsui E&P Australia will drill an exploration well in the PEP 50119 block (see map).

The western edge of the permit area is about 100km off Dunedin and it stretches down to the south west of Stewart Island and the area borders a marine mammal sanctuary off the the Catlins in Southland. 

The drilling programme will most likely target the early 2016 summer period. . .

The Moeraki runanga is supportive of the plans.

Te Runanga o Moeraki upoko (appointed traditional leader) David Higgins said the permit holder had previously indicated the area was likely to yield ”99% gas”, rather than oil.

The Government had awarded the permits – in this case the Clipper-1 in the Canterbury Basin – and ”there is no way we are going to stop them”.

”But whatever we can achieve for the community, whether it is coastline restoration or whatever, then it is good for the community.”

”We are very proactive about this. You can sit on your laurels and moan and groan about this sort of thing happening.”

”You will find the Ngai Tahu stance is pretty pragmatic. We have always been that way inclined and whatever the tribes do up north, that is fine with us, too.” . . .

Others are less welcoming, including the usual suspects which prompted this tweet:

Smiling not harpooning


Quote of the day:

“Today we smile at the whales and take their pictures, rather than harpooning them.” David Higgins in a story on Moeraki’s 175th anniversary celebrations.

A change of which no doubt Whaleoil approves.

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