Better Be Home Soon


Day 28 of New Zealand Music Month with belated birthday wishes to Neil Finn, who turned 52 yesterday : Crowded House singing Better Be Home Soon.

Weather With You


Day 25 of New Zealand Music Month.

Weather With You  by Crowded House seemed appropriate today.

Something So Strong


Day 22 of New Zealand Music Month – Crowded House with Something So Strong.


Catchy song for plastic cheese


If there was an award for the best advertisement for the worst product the Chesdale cheese ad from the 1960s would have to be a contender.

The plastic apology for cheese was (is? do they still make it?) awful but the ad had a catchy tune and cute cartoon characters.

Almost any Kiwi who’s 50ish plus can probably sing We are the blokes from down on the farm, we really know our cheese . . . it’s finest cheddar, made beddar

I came across it last week when searching for a song for Music Month and was reminded of it again because Keeping Stock’s Music Month post today is another blast from the advertising past – the KFC ad from the 1970s. It was called Kentucky Fried back then and although I was a student and rarely saw TV I still know that Hugo said you go and I said no you go . . .

Inquiring Mind has an appropriate choice for the end of a week when we’ve been reminded it’s winter: Weather with You from Crowded House.

Weather With You


Saturday’s bonus for New Zealand Muisc Week – chosen because it’s been raining all day – hope it’s also falling where it’s needed most.

Crowded House with Weather With You.

Keeping Stock’s contribution today was Sunshine Day from Spacifix

Inquiring Mind  visited Blues, Brews and BBQs where he found Handsome Giants from Shayne Wills,  Bullfrog Rata and Freddy Limbert  and gave us a bonus with How Bizarre from OMC.

Aunty Alice Brought Us This


Rob beat me to Pretty Girl, which he posted on Sunday,  so here’s another Hogsnort Rupert song as my contribution to day five of the New Zealand Music Month tune a day challenge.

It’s Aunty Alice Brought Us This (and because it’s a medley you get four other songs as a bonus, I didn’t recognise the second and third, the fourth is When Grand Dad Played his Piano and it finishes with Pretty Girl) :

UPDATE: Inquiring Mind takes us to Taurmaranui on the Main Trunk Line with When The Cats Been Spayed adn gives us a bonus with Po Atarau (Now is the Hour) by The Willow Singers

Keeping Stock brings us Love Hate Revenge  from The Avengers.

Rob gives us twofer Tuesday – Distant Sun  from Crowded House which comes with a long story short and Greg Johnson singing Save Yourself.

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