Sure as eggs it’s good news for chook farmers – Updated


 Brtitish researchers have good news  for poultry farmers:

A paper to be published soon in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Nutrition Bulletin has found that cholesterol in eggs has only a small and clinically insignificant effect on blood cholesterol. While people with high blood cholesterol are at increased risk of heart disease, only a third of the cholesterol in the body is attributed to diet.


Other factors linked to high cholesterol levels are smoking, being overweight and lack of exercise, and the main culprit from food is saturated fat, not cholesterol found in eggs.

. . .  The study concludes that health chiefs and GPs should demolish the myths about eggs and heart disease and communicate a message that there is no need to limit the number eaten as long as they are part of a healthy low saturated fat diet.

A pity that rules out mixing them with cream and cheese in a quiche to help the dairy industry too.

UPDATE: Macdoctor has an eggcellent post  on this, I especially like his rules of data interpretation.

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