Coonamble Rain Dance

August 19, 2018

As the drought in New South Wales bites deeper the Coonamble community is bringing people together with a rain dance:

TIMES are tough, drought is all anyone sees on the horizon and across the media, these conditions are affecting not only farmers, but entire communities. 

However a small community in Central West NSW is focusing on the positive and recognising sometimes the best thing you can do when you are down, is come together and celebrate. 

Launched through a viral video of locals dancing up a storm, which can be seen below, the Coonamble Rain Dance is seeking donations and sponsorship to hold a ball and give locals a night off from the drought.  . .

Droughts are like a disease that slowly eats away at health and hope.

Even on smaller farms with neighbours close, it’s too easy for farmers to isolate themselves and for worry to turn into depression then despair.

The Rain Dance won’t affect the weather, but it will bring people together and lift spirits.




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