Why don’t they lead by example?

June 16, 2014

The Internet Mana Party has launched a petition wanting to end the 5% threshold and get rid of the coat-tail prevision.

Internet Party leader Laila Harre is relying on Hone Harawira to win his northern Maori seat in order to get into Parliament as the alliance is only attracting 1.3% of the vote.

However, despite a plan to do it, Internet and Mana want the coat tailing provision gone.

“So what happens at the moment is a person can win an electorate seat with less than 7,000 votes but if you don’t have an electorate seat then you’ve got to get 100,000 (votes) just to get your member into parliament now that’s ridiculous, it’s unfair,” says Mana Party leader Hone Harawira.

Tonight the alliance is launching an online petition calling for the immediate scrapping of coat tailing and the lowering of the MMP’s 5% threshold. . . .

They will be pushing this petition at the same time they’re campaigning to be elected as the oddest-couple MMP has yet served up to voters.

Is there no end  their hypocrisy?

If they want the coat-tailing provision gone they should lead by example and decouple their two disparate parties.



Labour will end coat-tailing

June 4, 2014

David Cunliffe  told Firstline this morning that Labour will introduce legislation to end coat-tailing.

That would stop parties which win an electorate getting any more MPs until they got 5% of the vote.

This will be popular.

It’s good politics but it’s bad policy.

Electoral law should have wide cross-party support not be changed as a vote-chaser during an election campaign.

Whether Labour would get that support is doubtful because on current polling it would need the Internet Mana Party to govern and that party would be unlikely to have any more than one MP if it wasn’t for the coat-tailing provision.

Does this mean Cunliffe has tested the wind and thinks there’s more to gain by letting Kelvin Davis seek to win Te Tai Tokerau which would mean IMP would lose the seat and have no MPs?

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