Cluster hoax


In most parts of the world a cluster bomb would be cause for great concern.

In Wellington yesterday it was a hoax – the suspicious parcel delivered to Agriculture Minister David Carter contained cluster flies not explosives.

As Busted Blonde says they’re a particularly irritating species. 

But they’re not dangerous.

Last year we were plagued by them, this summer we’ve seen few of them.

Who sent them to the Minsiter and why has yet to be determined.

And while we might laugh at the thought of  ministers seeking refuge in bars and cafes when their offices were cleared,  we should also be grateful that it was only a hoax.

In many other countries bombs aren’t hoaxes which cause inconvenience, they’re deadly serious and  kill people.

Invasion of the cluster flies


Flies aren’t supposed to be about in witner but we returned home to find a couple of dozen of live ones  and a similar number of their dead relatives in the bedroom, which is the sunniest room in the house.

I think they’re cluster flies. The larvae of the species feed on earthworms in lawns and pastures over summer and in autumn the adults move inside.

I’m not keen on flies in general and dislike these in particular because they’re very difficult to get rid of.

One of the unpleasant features is their ability to store fat which causes vacuum cleaner bags to rot if you leave the flies in them.

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