Health system’s sick


I was a director of a hospital board in 1999 and because of that was talking to people involved in almost every aspect of the health system.

They had a single message for politicians in the lead up to the election: leave the system alone and improve the services.

Labour won the election and put their efforts into expensively changing the system instead of extensively improving services.

Close Up  showed a consequence of that tonight – an 83 year-old  man who needs an urgent operation for skin cancer, was all ready for it when it was cancelled because Auckland Hopsital is short of beds. That was the third time his operation was cancelled.

Longer life spans combined with new and expensive developments in health care are putting pressure on health budgets everywhere.

There are no easy answers to the problem, but Macdoctor shows how better use of private hopsitals for public patients could be part of the solution.

He has also done a comparison of National’s and Labour’s health policy.

Child, Disability, Mental, Rural and Men’s Health



Elderly Health





And his conclusion is:

If you are a health worker and you are not ticking National/ACT for your party vote, my punishment for you is to read through the entire Labour Health policy tonight – so that you can think about what you are supporting.

I like waffles for breakfast, it’s waffles for policy that give me the pip.

Who do we believe?


TV1 news showed Winston Peters at the press conference at which he said he’d never asked Sir Robert Jones for money.

Sir Bob has just been on Closeup saying Peters asked him for money – in his words “hit me up for 50 grand” and that Roger McLay from Peters’ office came to pick up the cheque.

Over at Keeping Stock Inventroy 2 was watching Campbell Live on TV3 where Peters said the cheque was given to the Spencer Trust, not his party, followed by Sir Bob saying that the donation was to New Zealand First.

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