Hot fashion from AgReserach


(Photo John Selkirk/Dominion Post)

AgReserach section manager Peter Ingham put the blow torch on model Chris Peck at Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

It was the first time AgResearch had put its revolutionary stab- and flame-resistant fabric to the test on a person.

Sydney model Chris Peck, 20, who braved a blowtorch, admitted it was “pretty scary at first and got the heart racing” but said he had jumped at the opportunity.

“Not everyone gets set on fire with a blowtorch in the name of hot fashion.

“Initially I couldn’t feel anything, then it got slightly warm, but there was no burning.”

AgResearch section manager Peter Ingham also energetically stabbed the fabric with a screwdriver and said that though the wearer would feel it – which is why it was demonstrated on a mannequin – there would be no penetration.

Similar in appearance to a Swanndri, the fabric is made from knitted Vectran-based fabric combined with short wool fibre.

AgResearch also unveiled its new textile-tracing system called Verifi TT, which can be used to detect fake designer garments.

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