Can’t save them from own incompetence


Quote of the day:

As nice a guys as we are in National, we can’t save Labour from its own incompetence.”

Simon Bridges on Breakfast  in response to a comment on Labour’s website woes which were exposed by Whaleoil.

Apropos of this Whale has replied to a letter from Labour’s general secretary Chris Flatt  agreeing to his requests with nine conditions including:

5. Fred Dagg gets his right­ful posi­tion at the top of the Labour Party List. In perpetuity.

While Fred would add a much needed rural voice to the Labour list I suspect someone of his entrepreneurial and independent spirit would be out of place there.

Labour signs down but party unrepentant


The Labour Party has had to take down its look-alike signs from a Hutt Valley street but is unrepentant:

A number of Labour Party campaign signs have been removed from a Hutt Valley street after being found to be in breach of road requirements.

The signs, which emulate road stop signs in shape and colour, but contain the message “Stop asset sales vote Labour”, had been erected along the median strip of a road in Petone.

The story credits David Farrar with breaking the story.

General secretary of the Labour Party Chris Flatt said the party had not been formally told of any rules the signs had breached.

“We were told they were taken down within an hour,” Mr Flatt told NZPA.

“Any reasonable person would see that the nature of the writing and the ‘vote Labour’ on there indicates they’re not traffic control devices.”

Mr Flatt said the party would continue to use the signs and had told members to be cautious near roads.

“We’re aware of these things but we think this is a little bit of a campaign by National Party bloggers and right-wing groups to take the issue away from the actual campaign.”

Oh dear – they’ve broken the law, which is quite explicit, and it’s all the fault of National party bloggers and right-wing groups.

There’s no mention about whether or not the signs had a promoter’s statement as required by electoral regulations.

The signs might also have fallen foul of local body regulations – individuals and groups putting up signs require consent.

I wouldn’t put any money on Labour having applied for it.

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