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Chicane’s cartoon  is referring to the news that a reserach company has gained resource constent to build a $2.5 million piggery  at Awarua.

It will house what will be a growing herd of genetically pure, disease-free Auckland Island pigs the company, Living Cell Technologies, already has in Southland. The pigs will be used in ground-breaking diabetes treatments.

Professor Bob Elliot said there were millions of diabetics worldwide, which potentially meant the pig cell transfer industry could be a huge earner for Southland.

“You’re talking about something that will make the dairying industry look like play money,” Professor Elliot said.

Sounds like good news for health and the Southland economy.

A vote for one …


The cartoon’s from The Southland Times and Chicane hasn’t got it quite right this time.

Peter’s won’t necessarily be sacked on election day because a vote for New Zealand First is a vote for Labour and a vote for Labour is a vote for New Zealand First.

If New Zealand First is in parliament and Labour needs its votes to govern then Winston Peters will be in the next government.

$NZ follows interest rates down




Chicane’s view in The Southland Times:

Armed forces are …


What else can you say when our navy, airforce and army would respectively find it difficult to sail, fly and fight?



Isn’t it funny


Isn’t it funny

How a bear likes honey?

Buzz! Buzz! buzz!

I wonder why he does?

 – A.A. Milne –




Isn’t it funny

How an MP likes money?

Buzz! Buzz!  Buzz!

I wonder why he does?

– Anon. –


The cartoon is by Chicane from The Southland TImes.

Hat Tip: Roarpawn

Blind justice


 Busted Blonde  pointed me at the Chicane cartoon in this morning’s Southland Times.

It’s a cracker.

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