Culinary taonga threatened species


Sandwich sliced bread  and therefore  the culinary taonga – cheese and asparagus rolls and club sandwiches made with it – are in peril:

Sandwich bread sales in Dunedin could soon be toast.

A spokeswoman for Foodstuffs, which controls New World, Pak’n Save and Four Square, said its shoppers preferred toast bread to sandwich bread.

Demand for sandwich bread had continued to fall in recent years.

People like a thicker, more generous slice, but we think that another factor is that there are so many other options for sandwiches available today. From ciabatta and seed-studded loaves to flavoured wraps, pita breads and crackers.” . .

Crumbs! Bread makers and retailers must be crackers if they think sandwich sliced bread is toast.

Some people might like a thicker more generous slice but I swapped from Vogel’s to Burgen bread when the former dropped sandwich slices which the latter still produces.

As for fancy breads, wraps and crackers, they have their place, but that is not encasing the cheese roll filling or asparagus, with or without the addition of Whitestone Windsor Blue cheese; or for making club sandwiches.

Cheese rolls are generally only found on the right side of the Waitaki River, asparagus rolls and club sandwiches feature at lunches and teas and suppers further afield.

Wherever they’re found, and feature, they will be lost if thin sliced sandwich bread can no longer be sourced and part of our culinary heritage will go too.

That would be really crumby


Cheese Rolls


How dare he?

I don’t know who he was but a TV1 Breakfast reporter was casting aspersions on cheese rolls in a build-up-t0-the-test report earlier in the week.

What’s so strange about cheese rolls?

If, as the reporter’s mirth suggested they’re very rarely found further north, that’s their culinary catastrophe. Down here in the south thery’re often found in cafes and they’re a staple of southern fundraisers

A public servant, brought up in Dunedin, now working in Wellington told me recently he was organising a southern cultural induction for his workmates and discussions of the best recipe for cheese rolls among southern refugees prompted heated discussion.

This is my mother’s recipe.

1/2 lb/250g grated cheese           1 egg 

3/4 cup milk                                       1 grated onion

frozen corn                                        grainy mustard

thin sliced bread

Beat egg then add cheese, milk and onion.

Cook in double boiler, stirring til thickens (or cook in microwave, stirring often).

Remove from heat and beat well (or put in kitchen whizz).

Add corn.

Cut crusts from bread and spread with mustard.

Spread with mixture

cheese rolls 003

Roll bread:

cheese rolls 004

Place on baking tray and cook for about 5 minutes until bread is toasted.

If you’re not going to eat them in the next day or so, put them uncooked on the baking tray, freeze and bag.

Mum’s recipe used tasty cheese and white bread. I prefer wholemeal bread and a mixure of edam and parmesan which has the flavour but lower fat.

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