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A stranger who saw the Australian flag and the New Zealand flag outside adjacent buildings would assume that some British hotel chain was advertising deluxe and standard rooms. – David Lange

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Change the NZ flag


The movement to change the New Zealand flag will get more momentum with the launch of Change the NZ Flag:

Change the NZ Flag is a movement campaigning for New Zealanders to vote to change the New Zealand flag in the upcoming flag referendum. We want to see a flag by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders – a flag that represents the modern, vibrant and diverse country we are today, not the far flung colony of the British Empire we once were.

Our purpose is to educate New Zealanders about why the time is right to change our flag, to encourage them to think about our national identity, our shared culture and values, and about how they want those represented to the rest of the world on the international stage

Although the referendum was a National Party election policy, the government has got cross-party support (with the exception of NZ First) in parliament.

This movement is not politically aligned and does not favour a particular design:

“Change the NZ Flag is an independent, non-political, design-neutral society that is committed to building support for, and involvement with, the flag change process,” says Change the NZ Flag spokesperson Lewis Holden.

“New Zealand has the unique opportunity to pick a flag that represents the modern, proud and independent nation that we are today, and it’s important that Kiwis take this once in a lifetime chance to have a debate on how we represent our national identity to ourselves, and the world.”

“We’re enthusiastic about the proposed flag change process,” says Mr Holden.

“It offers Kiwis far greater involvement on what our new flag should look like than has ever been done before. Even in Canada where their flag change process produced the iconic Maple Leaf design, the final say rested with their Parliament, rather than voters, so we’re excited that the people of New Zealand get to decide on both their favourite alternative design, and whether we should adopt that ahead of the current flag.”

Over the coming months, Change the NZ Flag will work to promote the merits of changing the flag, share information about the flag change process, and encourage all New Zealanders to get involved in what is an important national debate.

“This flag referendum process represents perhaps the best chance for centuries to come for New Zealanders to pick a new flag that is truly for New Zealand, from New Zealand,” says Mr Holden.

Change the NZ Flag has recently launched a new campaign website at changetheflag.nz, and has a longstanding presence on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nzflag and on Twitter via @nzflag. Change the NZ Flag is an independent group not associated with the Flag Consideration Panel.

This group is aiming to educate us and encourage everyone to get involved in the debate and the process which is a good move.

The movement for change should come from the people not politicians.
Change the NZ Flag's photo.

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