If it’s not a beauty contest. . . ?


Nineteen women aged 17 to 25 entered the  2012 Miss Alexandra Swimsuit Competition.

. . . Judges Jacqui van Dam, Tim Riwhi, Carolyn Lyons and Amber Kinnaird said it was not a beauty pageant – it was about style, confidence and personality. . .

No doubt the judges knew what it was they were judging.

But if it wasn’t a beauty contest, why were the contestants in swimsuits and why only women?

Don’t men have style, confidence and personality?
Update – Credo Quia Absurdum Est has the first Tui Billboard of the year after finding an even better quote:

“It’s not about a beauty contest, just the personality that comes through in the questions they are asked and the confidence they have when they wear their outfit – the colours and how the bikini suits the personality”

Hmm – I bet a bikini wouldn’t suit some personalities no matter how sparkling they are.


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