Solo coches, no personas


Traffic on the motorway slowed, the cars in front of us stopped, so did we.

The car behind us didn’t, or at least not soon enough.

There was a screech of brakes then a bump.

We pulled over as close to the side of the road as we could and a moment later the driver of the other car came up to see if we were okay. We were and so was she, her husband and their baby who were travelling with her.

The cars weren’t quite so lucky. Our bumper was torn and scratched but the car was still drivable. Their front bumper and wheel rim were mangled and a tyre had blown.

We filled in the accident report form which is mandatory in Spain and while we were doing it the driver kept saying, Lo siento, lo siento.” (I’m sorry, I’m sorry).

I replied, “Son solo coches, no personas.” (They’re only cars, not people).

Couple cheat death after car crash


A couple had to sit in their burning car because it was draped in high voltage wires after it crashed into a power pole north of Oamaru yesterday.

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