How many lives has this cat got?

September 15, 2008

The MSM and blogosphere have been abuzz over Winston Peter’s trip to Las Vegas last year.

There is nothing wrong with a trip to Las Vegas per se, but there were questions over whether or not he had sought the Prime Minsiter’s approval for it as the Cabinet Manual requires minister to do.

There were no answers until Ian Wishart  asked the PM’s office. He was told:

The Prime Minister didn’t know about the trip until two Fridays ago, so the short answer is no, she didn’t approve it”.

So what happens now?

Has Peters used up his nine minsiterial lives and is this the last straw which will break the back of Helen Clark’s patience?

Or do we get more dancing on the head of a pin because Peters is a minsiter outside cabinet and it’s a Cabinet Manual?

Or is not seeking permission for a detour when on official business on top of everything else not a sacking offence anyway?

Hat Tip: Keeping Stock

The issue is also covered by Roarprawn and Matthew Hooton.

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