If you’re happy and you know it . . .


 . . .  you might be a butcher.

An Australian study found that butchers are happiest and most satsified in their work.

Don Wilson who was the Queen’s butcher before he moved to New Zealand said:

“We listen to the radio all day. All butchers listen to the radio, so you sing along with the radio and you make yourself happy, basically.”

Wilson says butchers like to have a laugh with the customers, and it seems they are just as satisfied outside of work. The survey found butchers are having 60 percent more sex than other workers.

“Well, we’ll put that down to the red meat,” says Mr Wilson, “but that also depends on your Mrs as well.”

The survey found butchers are not only happy, but healthy. More than 50 percent of butchers said that they had not taken any sick leave at all in the past year.

Are they happy because they’re healthy, or healthy because they’re happy?

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