Busted Blonde vs the NBR

August 26, 2010

When Busted Blonde emailed me to support her campaign to win her weight in bubbles in an NBR-Veuve Clicquot competition, I did.

I voted, wrote a post inviting others to vote for her too and then went to Australia. When I caught up with blogs on my return last night I discovered the bubbles had burst.

Busted Blonde had won the popular vote but didn’t win the judges over.

Contrary to the opinions of many bloggers (Cactus Kate, Clint HeinegoNZo Freakpower, Keeping Stock, KiwiblogMotella, Oswald Bastable, and Whaleoil) and the we drink anything but Veuve Cliquot Facebook group, I had sympathy for the NBR, Veuve Clicquot and the judges.

If I was wanting to promote my product to discerning readers and drinkers I wouldn’t want the word wanker in the winning entry.

I also understood that the popular vote wasn’t going to be the only criteria on which the judges’ decision was based.

However, NBR wasn’t wise to wait until after the published closing date to announce the top 10 entries would go into a pool from which the judges would pick a winner.

They have been sensible enough to realise that, have made a proper apology and:

In addition, the publisher will personally provide Busted Blonde’s weight in Veuve Clicquot to her to demonstrate that NBR will not allow its integrity, transparency or honesty in its dealings with its readers to be compromised in any way. She received the most online votes in the competition and NBR happily salutes that success.

As a responsible host, the publisher would, however, appeal to Busted Blonde to urge her guests to wear life jackets if celebrating their win on Wellington Harbour.

Let the festivities begin.

I’ll raise a glass to that, to Busted Blonde ( who is overcome with emotion) and to the power of the blogosphere.

Let Busted Blonde bathe in champers

July 31, 2010

Busted Blonde wants to win her weight in champagne.

As part of its 40th birthday celebrations NBR is offering the chance to win your weight in ‘Veuve Clicquot’ and she’s entered.

Brunette and Cactus Kate are supporting her and you can too by voting for her.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting BB (or Brunette and CK) but her reputation has preceded her and if even half what I’ve heard is true she would use the champers for a party to remember.

Did you see the one about . . .

June 13, 2010

Countdown employee-redfaced – Dim Post at his satirical best.

Devastating, just devastaing – Adolf at No Minister on the NZ Herald’s 7 deadly sins front page.

Life’s a Beach – A Little Whine and Cheese on a family day at the lake.

But the personal is political – In A Strange Land replies to one of the judges of the AIr NZ Best Blog Award.

Busted Blonde – BB’s last post at Roarprawn. I’ll miss her although Cat-astrophe on the BP oil spill shows Brunette has potential to be a worthy successor.

Quote of the Day – Anti Dismal on the absence of market forces in bureaucracy.

The taxing issue of burden – The Visible Hand has a different perspective on tax cuts.

A picture of a daffodil because . . .

May 20, 2010

a) if winter’s here can spring be far behind?

b) it’s a tiny electronic attempt to capture some carbon.

c) Busted Blonde asked me to.

Update: Thanks to Inventory 2 at Keeping Stock for pointing me at the video. The relevant comment is at around 3 minutes:

Cluster hoax

May 18, 2010

In most parts of the world a cluster bomb would be cause for great concern.

In Wellington yesterday it was a hoax – the suspicious parcel delivered to Agriculture Minister David Carter contained cluster flies not explosives.

As Busted Blonde says they’re a particularly irritating species. 

But they’re not dangerous.

Last year we were plagued by them, this summer we’ve seen few of them.

Who sent them to the Minsiter and why has yet to be determined.

And while we might laugh at the thought of  ministers seeking refuge in bars and cafes when their offices were cleared,  we should also be grateful that it was only a hoax.

In many other countries bombs aren’t hoaxes which cause inconvenience, they’re deadly serious and  kill people.

Anchor Me

May 12, 2010

Day 12 of Music Month – Anchor Me by the Mutton Birds.

Inspired by Busted Blonde who’s just been mutton birding, but is back now so not involved in the stabbing on Titi Island.

It’s official – Prentice vs Shadbolt for mayoralty

April 12, 2010

Suzanne Prentice has confirmed the rumours – she is standing for the Invercargill mayoralty.

In a media statement she said:

 “I want to bring a fresh, energetic and focused approach and to afford the position of mayor the dignity which it deserves,” she said.

“I have thought long and hard about standing and keep finding myself concerned for the future of our city, its residents and its ratepayers.

“I want to take Invercargill forward and to lead an inspired, united, and focused council which strives to build a vibrant and prosperous city.”

Ms Prentice said she had been overwhelmed at the tremendous support and encouragement she had received from many concerned residents in regard to her standing.

“I thank every one of them for putting their trust in me and I want them to know that I will take their views forward as I now officially confirm my intention to stand.”

It was now time to focus on the future of the city, she said.

“We have some very experienced councillors with a great deal to offer. Unfortunately the distractions of the past two to three years have, to a certain degree, detracted from the positive work which they have done.

“Given the right leadership and direction, I believe we can build a cohesive team which puts its energy into what is best for Invercargill.

“I also have enormous respect for the employees of the Invercargill City Council, their work continues to be a credit to them all, sometimes in trying circumstances.”

Ms Prentice said she would be honoured to be the mayor of Invercargill

“I consider myself to be a true Southlander – my heart and my home are in this city and my family have had a long and proud association with Invercargill.”

Her father was born in Invercargill and after the war he and his English bride returned and made it their home.

“This was the place where they raised their three children, just as my husband Stephen and I have done with our children, Blair and Andrea, and as our son Blair continues to do with his wife Vanessa.

“We are a true and loyal Invercargill family,” she said, “and I know that I have their support as I embark on this new and important journey.”

Tim Shadbolt is an experienced and wily campaigner. Until now I would have thought the Invercargill mayoralty was his as long as he wanted it.

But the last term has been difficult and if anyone can beat him it would be Suzanne. She is a born and bred Southlander,  is very well known through her career as a singer and her community work and has served an apprenticeship in local body politics on the Invercargill Licensing Trust.

Busted Blonde who know a lot more about Southland than I do, gives her view on the mayoral race here.

Prentice’s announcement is the first official indication of any challenge to incumbent mayors in the south.

However, that may change.

The stadium has been very controversial in Dunedin and that may persuade someone to challenge sitting mayor Peter Chin. However, a would-be mayor has to do more than stand against something, s/he needs to stand for something too.

Concerns over the Otago Regional Council have been nowhere near as serious as those afflicting Environment Canterbury, but there may be enough dissatisfaction to drive a campaign against the chair and some sitting councillors.

Waitaki mayor Alex Familton has yet to announce his intentions but if I was a betting woman I’d put a little money on him standing again.

The grapevine has mentioned deputy mayor Gary Kircher and sitting councillor Jim Hopkins as possible contenders for the mayoralty, but is less sure about whether they would challenge Alex if he stands again.

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