Day 12 of New Zealand Music Month: Brooke Fraser sings Arithmetic.

C.S. Lewis Song


On day two of New Zealand Music Month Brooke Fraser sings C.S. Lewis Song.

NZ Music Month finale –


Like Inventory 2 at Keeping Stock, I realise New Zealand Music month is over, but we were in Wanaka with friends for the weekend and I didn’t have time to do a final round up round the blogs so here they are:

Keeping Stock concluded his Christian Music Sundays with two songs from Brooke Fraser: Lifeline & Albertine.

Inquiring Mind finished with some reggae from Cornerstone Roots

Rob posted three for the final day: Anything Could Happen from The Clean; The Verlaines with Doomsday and In Your Favour from Look Blue Go Purple.

I’ll leave the last word  notes to the Goodnight Kiwi:

Brooke Fraser – Deciphering Me


Day 22 of the tune a day challenge for New Zealand Music Month.

Brooke Fraser sings Deciphering Me.

Catching up from yesterday:

Phoenix Foundation was singing Bright Grey at Inquiring Mind

Keeping Stock featured Evermore with Running.

And Rob’s having health problems of the technical and human kind (for which I send hopes of speedy and full recoveries) but manages to  list six great Kiwi songs he’s been unable to find clips for.

Brooke Fraser – Love Is Waiting


Day 18 of the tune a day challenge for New Zealand Music Month.

Brooker Fraser sings Love Is Waiting from her album Albertine.

Catching up on yesterday’s posts:

Inquiring Mind chose I Can’t Stop Being Foolish by the Mint Chicks

Keeping Stock had another Christian Sunday with two songs from Mumsdollar: A Biography and Brothers in Arms

NZ Conservative joined the party with Coup D’Etat singing Doctor I Like Your Medicine.

Rob had two fer Sunday:  Citizen Band with Rust in My Car  and Street Talk  Back in the Bad Old Days

Brooke Fraser – Shadowfeet


Day 13 of the tune a day challenge for New Zealand Music Month.

Brooke Fraser sings Shadowfeet:

Catching up on yesterday’s posts:

Inquiring Mind had OMC Land of Plenty

Keeping Stock chose the right day for Forever Tuesday Morning from the Mockers

Rob chose Sharon O’Neill’s Words

Art & My Life joins in with Death and the Maiden from the Verlaines.

And Quote Unquote links to Gillian Whitehead.

Brooke Fraser – Without You – Updated


Day four of the tune a day for New Zealand Music Month challenge and if the description on Brooke Fraser‘s website is to be believed, her songs are aural sweet treats:

She makes the kind of music that sounds like a pop marshmallow has dropped into a folk hot chocolate and become a warm, spicy chocolatey broth.

Here she is singing Without You:


Keeping Stock has Wayne Mason and Don McGlashan with Nature

Inquiring Mind brings us The Camel by Fat Freddys Drop

And Rob caught up yesterday with Pretty Girl by Hogsnort Rupert (my father’s favourite – my brothers and I bought him one of those wee round black things – were they called 45s? – of it for a birthday).

And Rob’s offering for today is from the same era – If I Only Had Time  by John Rowles.

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