Brdige Over Torubled Water for the NHS


Here is an extraordinary performance of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water‘ by the brave men and women from NHS in honor of the Llandudno’s Venu Cymru, which has been turned into a temporary coronavirus hospital. During this process, the facility has been renamed to Ysbyty Enfys, which is Welsh for Rainbow Hospital, as a symbol for hope.

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Bridge Over Troubled Water


Bridge Over Troubled Water


The Story of Bridge Over Troubled Water


The first *LP I bought was Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits.

I had probably heard Bridge Over Troubled Water on the Sunday afternoon or Tuesday night request sessions. I don’t remember when but I do know it was love at first sound.

*For those too young to know what an LP is, it’s a vinyl record, played on a record player, or if you were lucky enough a stereo, at a speed of ​33 ¹⁄₃ rpm.


BOTW at the concert


Paul Henry and Peter Williams were luke warm on the Simon & Garfunkel concert when discussing it on Breakfast this morning.

I can understand why because while we enjoyed it, Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon are both 67. Their voices aren’t quite what they were 30 years ago and would be more suited to a smaller, more intimate venue. But that of course would mean fewer people and therefore either much more expensive tickets or much less money made.

Note to the organisers: playing Frank Sinartra as we came in wasn’t the best way to warm up an audience for Simon & Garfunkel. Given the programme talked about the influence the Everly Brothers had on S&G, music from them and their contemporaries would have been more appropriate – and enjoyable.

That said, Simon & Garfunkel sang all the old favourites we wanted to hear, the musicians were fantastic and even though they’re not the young men we remembered, they’ve still got a touch of magic.

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The Herald review is here:

Bridge Over Troubled Water was always going to be A Moment. But as Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel traded verses on pop’s greatest consoling anthem towards the end of this first show of their Auckland two-nighter, it became Really Quite Something Else. The sound system – possibly overcome by its own electronic lump in the throat – gave out, leaving just the stage-sound and a slighty confused looking Simon and Garfunkel.

The crowd took over. And just as it built to its final crescendo, the sound came back up. Big finish. Aaah. Sigh.

“That was the nicest thing an audience has ever done for us” remarked Garfunkel.

And Bits On The Side  took a video of  Bridge Over Troubled Water when the sound system went and the audience took over (pity that the bloke close to the recorder had more enthusiasm than tune).

Otra Puente Sobre Auguas Turbulentas – Grupo Éxodo


Another Spanish version of Bridge Over Troubled Water. This one  from Grupo Éxodo, has clearer diction than the one on the previous post from Johnny Mathias.

Someone whose grasp of Spanish is better than mine might be able to explain why the English version is about water, singular, and the Spanish one is aguas which is waters, plural.

Bridge Over Troubled Water – Elvis Presley & others


No one does it quite like SImon and Garfunkel but PauL left a comment on last Sunday’s post of Bridge Over Troubled Water pointing me to the Eva Cassidy  version.

That sent me in search of others and I found there’s about 2,260 of them on YouTube among which are:

Aretha Franklin

Charlotte Church

Nana Mouskouri

Il Divo

And then there’s Elvis Presley. 

I was a wee bit young to be a fan of Elvis Presley but this makes me wish I’d been born a wee bit sooner 🙂

Simon & Garfunkel in concert


The faces are a bit older, the voices not so strong, but the songs are just as good as they used to be and Simon & Garfunkel earned the standing ovations they received.

The highlight was Bridge Over Troubled Water, even though the mic went off part way through. The audience started singing to compensate, prompting Art Garfunkel to thank us and say that was the most helpful thing an audience had even done for them.

s&g hp

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Whether there hasn’t been any good music since the 70s – or indeed whether music from 70s and earlier was good – are moot points.

But Simon and Garfunkel still take a lot of beating and in celebration of their concert next Saturday, here’s my favourite, from 1969:

When you’re weary . . .


Simon and Garfunkel’s greatest hits was the first LP I ever bought and Bridge Over Troubled Water has remained one of my favourite songs.

They’re sure to be singing that when they’re in Auckland for a concert in June. I don’t know if I’ll be there, but it’s definitely on my wish-list.


Bomber has written a haiku to celebrate 

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