Ecologic to counter greenwash

March 10, 2009

Green is the new black and environmentalism has assumed elements of religion so that anyone who questions it risks being accused of heresy.

But every religion attracts false prophets so how do we know if we’re being led astray from the path to a cleaner, greener planet or at least fooled into thinking we’re doing the green thing when we’re not?

Kathryn Ryan sought some answers to these questions and others on the dangers of greenwashing from Brian Clegg, the author of  Ecologic: The Truth and Lies of Green Economics.

Brian’s most recent book is Ecologic to be published by Eden Project Books in January 2009. He has written seven other science titles, including The Global Warming Survival Kit (Doubleday), and Upgrade Me (St Martin’s Press). His earlier book, A Brief History of Infinity reached #1 on Amazon in Popular Science (General) and Popular Maths, staying at #1 for ten further weeks.

Born in Rochdale, Lancashire, UK, Brian read Natural Sciences (specializing in experimental physics) at Cambridge University.  After graduating, he spent a year at Lancaster University where he gained a second MA in Operational Research, a discipline developed during the Second World War to apply mathematics and probability to warfare and since widely applied to business problem solving.

From Lancaster, he joined British Airways, where he formed a new department tasked with developing hi-tech solutions for the airline. His emphasis on innovation led to working with creativity guru Dr. Edward de Bono, and in 1994 he left BA to set up his own creativity consultancy, running courses on the development of ideas and the solution of business problems. His clients include the BBC, the Met Office, Sony, GlaxoSmithKline, the Treasury, Royal Bank of Scotland and many others

He has a blog, Now Appearing.

You can listen to Ryan’s interview here.

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