First idiot racer’s car to be crushed


A Milton idiot will be the first to lose his car crushed under new legislation:

Eighteen-year-old Karn Clarrie Forrest, of Milton, appeared before Judge Stephen O’Driscoll in the Balclutha District Court, sitting in Gore, today on two driving charges.   

Forrest was charged with driving while disqualified and driving a vehicle with a sustained loss of traction on State Highway 1 north of Milton on September 29 . . .

Prosecutor Sergeant Penny Stratford noted as it was Forrest’s  third conviction for driving with a sustained loss of traction and under section 129A of the Sentencing Act – which  was amended two years ago – his car could be confiscated and  destroyed.   

The Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Amendment Act and the  Sentencing (Vehicle Confiscation) Amendment Act – legislation specifically targeting street racers – came into force in  December 2009. . .

 Judith Collins got the nickname Crusher as the architect of this legislation and said she would look forward to pushing the button for the first crushing.

However, she has been promoted in the new Cabinet, so that pleasure might go to her successor, Anne Tolley.


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