Not models for stellar career


Understatement of the week:

. . . This will probably only encourage Tamihere, who has been coming over like a cross between former Act MP David Garrett and former National MP Bob Clarkson. These are not really models for a stellar political career.

It came from Trans Tasman which was pointing out the peculiar silence from Labour Party MPs who twisted themselves in knots trying not to criticise Tamihere’s boorish comments on women and gays.

Bob’s done enough


Bob Clarkson did a great public service by winning the seat of Tauranga which got rid of New Zealand First’s lifeline and kept Winston Peters from returning to parliament in 2008.

However, I suspect there will be a great many Act members and supporters who think he’s done enough and will be relieved that he has no intention of standing for that party.



6/10 in the NZ Herald’s Question Time.

(I got the one about Bob Clarkson right but I thought he was just joining the party not wanting to stand as a candidate).

Better to campaign with clothes on


The Australian election campaign has only just opened but it will be difficult to top this quote:

“It would be better to attend campaign events fully clothed.”

It came from Prime Minister Julia Gillard in response to a stunt by Conrad French, who works at ALP Victorian election campaign HQ, and who interrupted opposition leader Tony Abbot while dressed only in speedos.

It’s a reminder of  Don Brash’s  “I don’t want any candidates talking about their testicles, to be quite frank.” after a comment from then-Tauranga MP Bob Clarkson.

Things like this may be amusing for onlookers and the media but are very frustrating for parties and their leaders who are trying to keep campaigns focussed and positive.

Thanks Bob


Bob Clarkson  has declined the opportunity to give a valedictory speech but will release a written farewell statement tomorrow.

He may well be rememberd best for being less than circumspect.

But we owe him our thanks because had he not ousted WInston Peters at the last election, Peters wouldn’t have taken the electoral petition which led to him asking Owen Glenn for a donation which has finally exposed him as a hypocrite and a lier.

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