Better blog awards close today


Entries for the bloggers’ alternative to the mainstream media awards, the Air New Zealand Best Blog Award close totday.

In a post, which typifies the spirit of the awards, we’re being urged to enter:

2. I sense an overwhelming preciousness from some bloggers about entering anything. I interpret that as you are all afraid of losing so lord knows how any of you are actually successful in life. Well get over it as apart from one winner everyone else will technically be losers. But not as bigger losers as good blogs that do not enter. . . 

. . . Harden up and enter.

It wasn’t fear of losing that was preventing me entering, it was lack of time to trawl through last year’s posts to find the best four.

However, since it was a post by me which inspired the NZ Bloggers Union to initiate the awards I decided that it would be churlish not to enter.

Guided more by haste than careful contemplation these are the four posts I’ve chosen to enter:

Should our greatest also be good?

Let’s get better Best Blog Awards


Whale Oil, Cactus Kate and Oswald Bastable  aren’t impressed with the nominations in the blog category of the Qantas Media Awards.

I agree.

Let’s do something about it with the Best Blog Awards.

Your views on categories, criteria, how and by whom they should be judged are welcome.

Once that’s been determined we can open nominations.

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