An iPhone, a Blackberry or what?


My mobile phone is showing its age and I’m looking at  a replacement.

I’m unsure whether I should stick with what I’m used to – a model that can make and take phone calls and send and receive texts – or go for something which can do more.

If you’ve had experience with  a Blackberry or iPhone, or anything that’s better than those I’d appreciate your advice.

I’m with Telecom now and  looking at changing phone not provider.

I’ve stuck with XT for mobile broadband but in spite of the new advertising campaign which Cactus Kate reckons means all the wrinkles have been ironed out, I’ve noticed my farmer’s phone, which isn’t on XT, gets service where the T-stick for the computer won’t.

My tartan genes get excited over a Scottish accent, but not sufficiently to allow me to accept poor reception.



Elizabeth Montgomery was born 77 years ago today.

Sometimes these old programmes are regarded as anti-women, but from my memory it was Samanthat’s husband Darren who was always portrayed as a bit of a bumbler and Sam who had not just magic, but brains.

The President’s new toy


The Inquiring Mind starts every morning with a quote  and cartoon of the day.

Today he doesn’t show a cartoon, instead he links to this depiction of Obama’s blackberry.

I suspect there’s many a leader who would like a customised one of their own.

Which buttons would John Key have?

Push to activate busy signal for incoming call from Peter Dunne or play pre-recorded mesage saying love to but Labour spent the lot in response to requests for more from the public service, perhaps?

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