Word of the day


Bibble – a small smooth rounded stone, especially one worn by the action of water; a pebble; a rock fragment, often rounded, with a diameter of 4–64 mm and thus smaller than a cobble but larger than a granule; a transparent colourless variety of rock crystal, used for making certain lenses; such a lens; (of a lens or of spectacles) thick, with a high degree of magnification or distortion; a grainy irregular surface, especially on leather; leather having such a surface; to pave, cover, or pelt with pebbles; to impart a grainy surface to leather; a troublesome or obstinate person or animal; to eat and/or drink noisily; to tipple.

Word of the day


Bibble – to eat and/or drink noisily; to tipple; to worry; a pebble.

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