Helping Christchurch rebuild


A conference I’m helping to organise is scheduled to take place in Christchurch in May.

The earthquake has complicated our plans. But on Monday I phoned my counterpart in Canterbury and said that if it was safe and practical to keep to our plans we should do so. If not we should move to another venue in or as near to Christchurch as possible.

There is no use putting pressure on the city’s infrastructure by going there now unless you’re helping with the recovery. But once that’s over and the rebuilding begins Christchurch will need the support of its own people and visitors.

So will the rest of the country.

After reading Ben Groundwater’s in the Sydney Morning Herald saying Friendliest people on earth. . .  need you to visit Whaleoil came up with a plan:

What I have come up with is a mas­sive inter­net cam­paign ask­ing peo­ple to take hol­i­days in New Zealand. Increased tourist num­bers will give a mas­sive boost to our econ­omy, and is the one way our friends over­seas can per­son­ally help us.

So I am ask­ing all my fam­ily over­seas to come home for their hol­i­days every hol­i­day for the next few years to show they care. I am ask­ing my kiwi mates over­seas to do the same thing. And I am ask­ing all my for­eign mates to come here for their hol­i­days to help us all out.

I’ll be doing this with my blog, on Face­book and on Twit­ter. I’ll email all my friends in the next week or so, and I will call a few peo­ple too.

Can you all con­sider post­ing some­thing along these lines, and encour­age your read­ers to change their face­book sta­tus to

Help New Zealand Rebuild. Take your next hol­i­day in New Zealand

Christchurch has suffered more than enough. The city and the rest of the country will suffer even more unless tourists keep coming.

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