September 17 in history


On September 17:

1787 The USA Constitution was signed.

1883 USA writer William Carlos Williams was born.

1901 English adventurer Sir Francis Chichester was born.

Norfolk Island two cent stamp commemorating Chichester’s arrival in his Gypsy Moth in 1931.

1929 English racing car driver Sir Stirling Moss was born.

1931 US actor Anne Bancroft was born.

1941 The death penalty was abolished in New Zealand.

1944 the airborne invasion of Holland began. Operation Market Garden is celebrated annually.

Waves of paratroopers land in the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden in September 1944.

Sourced from BBC On This Day, NZ History Online and Wikipedia.

September 11 in history


On September 11:

1816 German lens maker Carl Zeiss was born.

1862 USA author O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) was born.

1885 English writer D. H (David Herbert Richards)  Lawrence was born.

1917 English writer Jessica Mitford was born.

1928 The first Trans-Tasman flight took place.

1961 the World Wildlife Fund was formed.

1973 Chilean President Salvador Allende was killed in a revolt.

1997  Scotland voted in a referendum  to form a  devlolved parliament within the United Kingdom .

2001 The September 11 suicide attacks took place in the USA.

Twin towers of the World Trade Center burning.

Sourced from BBC On This Day, NZ History Online, Wikipedia.

September 9 in history


On September 9:

1543 Mary Stuart was crowned Mary I, Queen of Scots.

 1839 John Herschel took the first glass plate photograph.

1886 The Berne Convention for the protection of literary and artistic works was finalised.

1941 US singer Otis Redding was born.

1951 Former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer was born.

1960 English actor Hugh Grant was born.

1969 Model Rachel Hunter was born.

1975 The Wanganui Computer Act was passed.

1976 Chairman Mao Zedong died.

2004 a bomb exploded outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta.

Sourced from BBC On This Day, NZ History Online, Wikipedia.

September 8 in history


On September 8:

1504 Michelangelo’s David was unveiled in Florence.

1840 Czech composer Antonín Leopold Dvořák was born.


1886 English poet Siegfried Sassoon was born.

1921 Welsh comedian Harry Secombe was born.

1925 English actor Peter Sellers was born.

1930 3M began marketing Scotch tape.

1932 USA singer Patsy Cline was born.

1943 Italy’s unconditional armistice with the Allies was announced.

1954 The South East Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO) was formed.

Flag of Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

1954 New Zealand signed the Manila Pact.

1966 Star Trek premiered on NBC.

The 2006 Star Trek 40th Anniversary franchise logo, featuring Captain Kirk (William Shatner) (left) and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)

1991 The republic of Macedonia became independent.


Sourced from BBC On This Day, NZ History Online, Wikipedia.

September 7 in history


On September 7:

1533 Queen Elizabeth I was born.

1822: Brazil declares its independence from Portugal.


1860 USA artist Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson Moses) was born.

1868: Prussian soldier of fortune Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky was killed during the assault on Titokowaru’s pa in south Taranaki.

1887 English poet Edith Sitwell was born.

Portrait of Sitwell by Roger Fry

 1936 USA singer Buddy Holly  (Charles Hardin Holley) was born.

1940 London was blitzed by German bombs.

1943 Canadian Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin was born.

1949 USA singer Gloria Gaynor was born.

1951 USA singer Chrissie Hynde was born.

2008 The US government took control of  Fannie Mae and Freddia Mac.

 Sourced from BBC On This Day, NZ History Online and Wikipedia.

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