Derek Fowlds 2.9.37 – 17.1.20


Actor Derek Fowlds has died:

Actor Derek Fowlds, known to millions for playing Bernard Woolley in Yes Minister, has died at the age of 82.

He also played sergeant-turned-publican Oscar Blaketon in ITV police drama Heartbeat for 18 years, and was “Mr Derek” on the Basil Brush show in the 70s. . .

Fowlds released his autobiography, A Part Worth Playing, in 2015 in which he recalled how he started to act “just for kicks”.

“Growing up the thought of acting as a living never crossed my mind. I wanted to be a footballer or sportsman,” he said, adding he started acting in school plays.

“I enjoyed mucking about the stage,” he wrote.

He told the tale of how in his first play a child, he got his sword stuck up another actor’s skirt and “I heard the sound of audience laughter for the first time in my life, and I was just knocked out”. . .

He brought a lot of laughter to a lot of people.


Basil Brush


Comments yesterday from Gravedodger and Rob Hosking reminded me that Derek Fowlds was known as Mr Derek on Basil Brush before he was Bernard in No Minister.

I didn’t find a clip of him in that role, but I did find Basil Brush and Rolf Harris singing The Court of King Caractacus:

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