Asado con y sin gas

November 23, 2013

When we first went to Argentina more than 16 years ago we were introduced to the delights of the asado –  barbecues on a parilla – the wood fired oven.

The food was delicious and I put a parilla on my one-day-when list for home.

In the meantime we had to make do with ordinary barbecues, or what one of our Argentinean visitors dubbed asado con gas – asado with gas.

Nearly three years ago we got the South African version of a parilla – a Kiwi Braii – at our crib in Wanaka and now, finally we’ve got a parilla at home.

The last of the fire bricks were installed last week.

parilla 007

We’ve got 150ish people coming for dinner tonight so my farmer test-drove the parilla, cooking a fillet of beef yesterday evening.

One of the secrets of the asado is cooking over embers rather than flame.

The fire is lit to one side and when the embers drop, they’re lifted on a long-handled shovel and placed under the food.

It requires patience but the taste and tenderness of the meat is worth the wait.

parrilla hp

Last night’s test-drive was a success.

I’ll be able to report to our Argentinean friends that we can now cook an asado con y sin gas – with and without gas and we’ve brought the taste of Argentina to #gigatownoamaru.

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