It might be a good story . . .


Paper Plus is promoting this book as one of Kerre’s choices:

This Way Of   Life
Sumner   Burstyn
This is the book of the multi award winning documentary of the same name.   It’s the tale of the Ottley-Karena family and their incredible life living in   and around the Ruahine Ranges. Mum, Colleen, dad, Peter and their seven kids   have absolutely nothing – in terms of material possessions – but they are   rich beyond belief – in terms of life skills, love and appreciation for what   is truly important… read more

It might be a good book, well written with an interesting story and stunning photos but I think the author’s recent rant and subsequent publicity will be a strong deterrent for many who might otherwise have bought it.

Hate breeds hate


Film maker Barbara Sumner-Burstyn made the political personal when she used her Facebook page to make harsh criticisms about Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker.

Her words were stupid, insensitive, ugly and wrong.

She made an apology of an apology – in which she mis-spelled Jacinda as Jacinta more than once. And any good would, as Keeping Stock points out,  have been undone by the nine paragraphs of justification which followed it.

The value of the apology can also be judged by her telling the Herald on Sunday she does not resile from her comments.

But none of that justifies the response which incited violence against her.

Politics should stay well above the personal and debate should focus on ideas not people.

Hate breeds hate but that doesn’t make it right.

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