Will Labour complain about this too?


The latest Australian Women’s Weekly has a cover story about John and Bronagh Key and Phil and Mary Goff.

The stories are about the couples and their relationships and each concludes with a Q&A with the MPs.

It’s a little heavy on gush which my, admittedly rare,  readings of the AWW suggest is not unusual for this magazine, but the stories do show something of the people behind the politicians and both are treated equally.

But I bought the magazine because I saw the Keys smiling at me from the cover. It was only when I went to read it that I noticed the Goffs in the corner.

Will Labour follow up their complaint about the PM’s RadioLIVE slot with a complaint about the unequal cover coverage too?

Apropos of the complaint, Labour would have been on much stronger ground complaining that the radio programme breached electoral or broadcasting rules had Goff not asked to host a show too.


Dim Post has  something else for someone to complain about..

The best chocolate cake in the world


That’s a big claim, but this is the recipe for the cake referred to in Thursday’s post and I defy you to find a better one.

It comes from the Australian Women’s Weekly Chocolate recipe book.

Mocha Truffle Cake 

3 eggs                          ½ cup castor sugar

¼ cup cornflour          ¼ cup self raising flour

¼ cup plain flour         2 tablespoons cocoa

2 tablespoons Tia Maria or Kahlua (optional)

2 tablespoons milk

600 ml cream

100g white chocolate melted    200g dark chocolate melted

  For the icing

200g milk chocolate melted         

90g unsalted butter melted


Beat eggs until thick and creamy.

Gradually add sugar & beat until dissolved between each addition.

Lightly fold in sifted flours & cocoa.

Spread mixture into 23cm round springform tin (greased or lined with baking paper).

Bake in moderate over for about 30 minutes or until firm. Turn onto wire rack to cool.

Split cake in half and brush with combined liqueur & milk (can omit this if don’t want cake to be so rich).


Beat cream until soft peaks from. Divide into two bowls.

Stir in melted and cooled white chocolate into one bowl of cream and melted, cooled dark chocolate into the other.


Place one cake half back in tin you cooked it in, spread with half the white chocolate cream, all the dark chocolate cream then rest of white chocolate cream. Top with remaining half of cake.

Refrigerate several hours or overnight.      Remove from tin & spread with topping.



Combine hot melted chocolate and butter. Cool to room temperate, stir occasionally until spreadable.

 (If you don’t have a springform tin, line your tin with strips of tin foil which cover the base and extend over edges before putting cooked cake back in to assemble cream layers so you can get it out again easily.)

dairy 10007

The photo is from the book, but it usually looks nearly as good as this when I make it.

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