Tuesday’s answers


Monday’s questions were:

 1. Who was the Greek goddess of  civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, craft, justice and skill?

2. What are the female seeds of humulus lupulus called?

3. What is a pantisocracy?

4. What did/do Lewis Caroll, Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, Fidel Castro, H.G. Wells, Cole Porter, Pele, Nietzsche, and Queen Elizabeth II have in common?

5. What is a terremoto?

Inventory 2 gets a point for lateral thinking.

Andrei got four right and a bonus for the albatross.

David got two right, gets the quarter point he sought for pedantry, a bonus for teaching me something and another bonus for restraint over #3.

Paul got four correct and while his answer to #4 wasn’t the one I was seeking it was right.

Gravedoger got two right and a bonus for lateral thinking for his answer to #3.

PDM gets a consolation long-distance bonus.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break:

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