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What makes good political interviewing? – Tim Watkins defends Guyon Espiner’s interview with Metiria Turei.

Why I bought a bookstore  Jeff Mayersohn at the Huffington Post reckons there’s a future for books and the stores which sell them.(Hat Tip: Beatties Book Blog).

Just – Stripy sock studio on being “just” a job description (Hat Tip: Art & My LIfe)

After the fisking charges are laid – feel the frsutration over political interference in roading changes from Opinionated Mummy.

Williamson and the theory of firm – Anit Dismal on the joint winner of the Nobel Prize for economics.

Fun Police # 2 Don’t let them eat cake – Liberty Scott on the birthday cake blues.

Not exactly deaf – Macdoctor says 6%  hearing loss is barely noticeable.

VUWSA’s VSM violations Scrubone guest posts at M&M on voluntary student membership machinations.

The poor are not helpless victims – Hernado de Soto – Not PC has found a hero.

Is this the worst hotel in the world? – Motella shows where not to stay.

Do You Know What I Think?


 Pauline Cartwright grew up in North Otago. The mother of one of her friends was romance writer Essie Summers who encouraged Pauline’s writing but it was many years later before she became a published author.

When I interviewed her for North & South in 1991 she’d written more than 100 books. She’s written more since then but she’s still not very well known outside education circles because most of her books are school readers, the ones used to teach children.

It’s a shame her books haven’t reached a wider audience because they are delightful.

Do You Know What I Think? was her first book, published in 1986. It starts by saying: Do you know what I think? I think rabbits should have to clean their ears. It continues linking animals to daily ablutions and finishes with a line which brings a grin to the faces of readers of all ages.

 dairy 10013

Post 3 in the post a day for New Zealand Book Month.

Over at In A Strange Land Deborah has accepted the challenge to post a book a day too and today has  Why Cats Rule the World and Dogs are Still Slaves by Dawn McMillan.

Art & My Life also has a post for NZ Book Month: In the Zone  Zone of the Marvellous by Martin Edmund.

book month

St Paul


Day 17 of the tune a day challenge for NZ Music Month.

St Paul was a number one hit for Shane 40 years ago.

Catching up from yesterday:

Art & My Life had some more than slightly odd 80s music.

Brooke Fraser – Shadowfeet


Day 13 of the tune a day challenge for New Zealand Music Month.

Brooke Fraser sings Shadowfeet:

Catching up on yesterday’s posts:

Inquiring Mind had OMC Land of Plenty

Keeping Stock chose the right day for Forever Tuesday Morning from the Mockers

Rob chose Sharon O’Neill’s Words

Art & My Life joins in with Death and the Maiden from the Verlaines.

And Quote Unquote links to Gillian Whitehead.

Tagged twice


I’ve been double tagged – first by MandM then by Keeping Stock so I have to:

              *  Link to the person who tagged you

             *   Post the rules

             *   Share seven random or weird facts about yourself

             * Tag 7 random people at the end of the post with their links

So here’s the seven random/weird facts:

1. I had a one-way ticket to Britain when my farmer and I met so he flew 12000 miles to propose to me.

2. My longest friendship is older than my memory – which isn’t a sad reflection on the state of my memory, we met when her family moved next door to mine when we were both two.

3. I lived on Great Mercury Island for a year – employed by Michael Fay & David Richwhite, who own the island, to supervise the correspondence school lessons of the farm manager’s three children.

4. I’ve received a card on every Valentine’s Day of my life – not necessarily because it’s Valentine’s Day but because it’s also my birthday.

5. I lived for three months in Vejer de la Frontera.

6. Most people call me Ele which is a contraction of my name – Elspeth, the Scottish form of Elizabeth.

7. We hosted an AFS student from Argentina and his family is now our family.

And an eighth: I never pass on anything resembling a chain letter and as this could be construed as such I’m tagging the following people as a tribute to their blogs but won’t be at all offended if they don’t want to play the game:


Bull Pen

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John Ansell

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