Apostrophes, commas and hugs


Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass this afternoon was sparked by:

An apostrolapse at Waterstones

The logical necessity of the Oxford comma

Do hugs really make us happier?

I support the Greens


They’ve spotted a missing apostrophe in a government press release – or at least the place where the apostrophe would be if it wasn’t missing.

In doing so they’ve also found their sense of humour.

The Green Party renewed it’s call for better grammatical standards in New Zealand, if only to keep world peace.

This is a Green campaign I’m happy to support – although I may live to regret that given my own propensity for proofreading failures.


I’m already regretting it because it was only when I read the comments on the post that I noticed the apostrophe missing from the original press release had found its way into the sentence I copied above.

You of course will have noticed it straight away.

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